Рыба моей мечты: новый голый флешмоб в сетях

Topless photos is no surprise. But the bodice that can be eaten completely.

How many times have you asked cute to take a picture of you to be slimmer Yes pathagorean? And now the faithful will have with a fishing rod on your heels to go! Otherwise you will not get a good photo.

Instagram captured the new flashmob – take off bikini and… no, not demonstrating chic bust and cover it with fish!

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And be it goldfish or a huge pike – you decide. Importantly, of bra could weld the ear, and the rest is not important!

In the photo decided more thousands of brave beauties from around the world. And dared at such fotohudozhnitsa really need to have nerves of steel. Because the fish can not “add up duckface”, and snap!

It is important not to repeat the trick at the freezer with frozen fish. And then dinner is ruined, and thousands of likes to be seen.

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