Первая жена Олега Табакова пропустила прощание с мэтром Fans of theater and movie stars discuss the decision Ludmilla Krylova. The actress was not present at the funeral, which took place on Thursday at the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov. Was not at the ceremony and the daughter of Oleg Tabakov Alexandra.
Первая жена Олега Табакова пропустила прощание с мэтром

Thursday, March 15, in Moscow said goodbye to Oleg Tabakov. The legend of theatre and cinema, died on 12 Mar 82-m to year of life after heavy illness. The ceremony was attended by all theatrical Moscow. Relatives and friends of Oleg Pavlovich was sitting in the front row. Friends of the artist constantly came to his widow, Marina Suginoi to Express my condolences. Beside actress sat her children – 22-year-old Paul and 11-year-old Maria.

In Moscow said goodbye to Oleg Tabakov

The ceremony was attended by the eldest son of Oleg Pavlovich Anton. Fans of the master noticed that the mother of restaurateur Lyudmila Krylova has not arrived at the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov. Was not the sister of Anton and Alexandra. About why the ex-wife Tabakova missed the service, is not known. In the crowd were discussing different versions. “I don’t know,” the whispered some.

Первая жена Олега Табакова пропустила прощание с мэтром

Throughout farewell to Oleg Tabakov his widow Marina Zudina did not take off sunglasses. When the funeral came to an end, the actress thanked everyone for coming and expressed appreciation to her husband.

“I want to thank him for the years of incredible happiness and lightness, children and love. Thank you for disciples who now support me, friends who are close to me. I’m not alone. Yesterday we talked with people close to him and said that now our every action, we will be weighed against the fact, and as if he did, and that came up with it. It is, of course, a very high starting point. Oleg, dear, thank you, the last time I told you lot of words, but I want to say with this scene. I really loved you your whole life and will love,” said the actress.

Friends have supported Marina Zudin applause. A bouquet of flowers to the grave of Oleg Tabakov and brought the head of the state Vladimir Putin. Crossing himself, the President talked with the actress. Those present concluded that Zudina about something related to Putin. After talking with the widow of Oleg Pavlovich, Mr Putin kissed her on the cheek, and then had a token little Mary.

Recall that Marina Zudina became the second wife of Oleg Tabakov. A pair of legalized relationships in March 1995. Actor and Director reluctantly thought about the divorce with the first wife Lyudmila Krylova with whom he lived for 34 years. The artist also avoids talking on the subject. Married to Alary Tabakov have been born two children – Anton and Alexander.