The first teaser of “the Mummy” published online

Первый тизер «Мумии» опубликован в Сети

Universal studios has released the first teaser trailer for the new horror film “the Mummy”, where the main role went to Tom cruise.

His partner in the set will be Sofia Boutella. In the new film about the uprising of the mummy it will be about mummies-a woman who set out to avenge himself and about “fur seals”-the Navy seal who accidentally find yourself embroiled in this mess.

The author of the script is assigned to John Spaits and Director Alex Kurtzman.

Overseas press writes that the reboot of “the Mummy” will be released on the big screens 9th June 2017 and will compete in the office with the “world War Z” and another film “Divergent”.

We will remind, the film, which will star the remake with Tom cruise, was first published in 1999, was also established as a free remake of the eponymous 1932 film, in which the role of the mummy played by Boris Karloff. Although initially the film was planned as a low-budget horror film, in the end, it turned into a blockbuster adventure.

In 2001, the screens released the sequel “the Mummy returns” and its spin-off “the Scorpion King”.

The film received positive reviews from critics and was even nominated for “Oscar”. In world hire the picture has collected $ 415 million. Hopefully the remake involving Tom cruise will not be worse and will be able to collect not less cash.