The first soloist of group “VIA Gra” at work risking his life

Солистки первого состава группы «ВИА Гра» на работе рисковали жизнью This year marks the band’s 15 years. Busty beauties on the road to glory has seen a lot. Alena Vinnitskaya told “StarHit” about the terrible stories in which the soloist “VIA gra”.

      Солистки первого состава группы «ВИА Гра» на работе рисковали жизнью

      The group “VIA Gra” was 15 years old. During this time in bright team visited more than a dozen soloists: Vera Brezhneva, and Anna Sedokova, Svetlana Loboda… It’s now on stage are three beautiful women, and it all started with the Duo of Hope Granovskaya and Alyona Vinnitskaya. They have earned the team the title of sex symbols. On the road to glory Busty singer has seen a lot.

      In all its glory

      Two curvaceous girls sang simple love songs and went on stage in revealing costumes. “At first the producers couldn’t afford to sew us dresses expensive, – tells “StarHit” ex-soloist Alena Vinnitskaya. The Director bought the cheapest fabric on the wholesale markets, and cut the clothes of some workers for a penny, and not famous designers. The outfits were, of course, very open. In some it was impossible to speak. So in latex, we were sweating like the men in the gym, and underwear made of synthetics and ruches, it was possible to die from the cold. However, there were also incidents. During the first tour we sang in Kiev. It was our debut in the capital, and wind we couldn’t.

      Солистки первого состава группы «ВИА Гра» на работе рисковали жизнью

      Came officials, all Bohemian city, the fans. In the concert program two of the hit – “Attempt №5” and “Bomb”. Nadya had a funeral service the first track in gold jumpsuits, and quickly rushed to get dressed. Under the “Bomb” was out in leopard print tops and short black skirts made from eco-leather. Of course, like everything else in her wardrobe, they were made in a slipshod way. Going out to the audience, we began to sing a song, dance, and then after one sharp motion I slipped the skirt – clasp broke. Were only barely noticeable panties, strings, and seemed as if I’m naked. But the worst thing is that in the room sat my husband!

      Like the rest of the audience, is shocked. Thank God that Nadia was quick and with a wink to me, masterfully played scene, in which the teeth gave me a piece of cloth. Two minutes of shame are over. But at home I was expecting “divorce and Slippers in the mail”. Sergei was furious by what he saw. He thought it was part of the show. Nadya had long proved to it that all event – accident. Hooked even Director. But he decided to check everything myself and when I saw the broken lock on the skirt, calmed down. So a piece of cheap fabric almost destroyed my marriage.”

      Солистки первого состава группы «ВИА Гра» на работе рисковали жизнью


      In December 2001, Vinnytsia and Granovsky went to the Carpathians on the corporate. On arrival the girls were settled in a small private hotel, allocated a double room on the second floor, and their Directors Arthur placed on the ground. Having played the program, Nadya and Alena realized that just because the dining room, where the rest of about fifty people, they can’t get out.

      “For us it was a usual thing, we toured a lot and often performed at private parties, – shares with “Stricom” Alena Vinnitskaya. – Our Director Arthur took advance payment, and the remaining amount – after we work out a concert. This time the second part of the fee we could not be seen. The male half of the audience, which dominated over the female, did not restrain himself at the sight of outstanding Madencilik forms. As soon as we went backstage, we immediately began to call back to the gym, they say, fans are very eager to communicate, in addition, offered to eat. Naturally, we without a second thought, dressed in cocktail dresses and went to the table, we asked. The plane was early in the morning, could linger a bit before going to sleep and relax. However, things went absolutely not as planned.

      One of the foreign gentlemen was openly hitting on Nadia, and she stood up, removing his hand from her knee, he did not like. It turned out, the organizer has equated the performance of the group to sex-services and so presented us to the court. I wanted to leave, but customers were plans for us. They tried to grab, but Nadya got out and ran into the room.


      Солистки первого состава группы «ВИА Гра» на работе рисковали жизнью

      While picking up the suitcases, we were locked outside, and then the only thing that came to mind – constructed of linen rope ladder and get out through the window. Arthur drove the car and we tied the pillow cases and duvet covers to the battery, down on them one after the other. After the escape we needed for a week of rehabilitation on the shores of Turkey. And, of course, after talking with the Director, decided on the more corporate events without guards not to go”.

      Girl stuff

      In the 2000s the years, many have got mobile phones instead of pagers, but the credit card could boast. “Our share with Nadia fell the time of troubles in the group – continues Alena Vinnitskaya. – All accounting was black. Tired as dray horses, and the salary was kept under the mattress and not in a safety Deposit box. As we have traveled not only across Ukraine and Russia and the nearest abroad, we had to carry the money with him. Since it was allowed to have a certain amount of, let’s go to the trick.

      Солистки первого состава группы «ВИА Гра» на работе рисковали жизнью

      We all know that in women’s everyday life there are many useful things that the customs officials would never dare to check. And we came up with to hide money in personal care products. Pre-purchased for fifteen packs. Carefully cut the side of the package and every single thing was hiding on some notes. We always miss, and seeing how much good we carry women’s, men in uniform I couldn’t bring myself to ask where so much to us. However, during the trip from Almaty to Kiev was caught at the border principled girl-inspector. She recognized us and realized that female stuff too much. On opening the first pack, saw them embedded in banknotes. I had to avoid trouble to offer her a bribe. Barely broke – in for the flight sat down with ten instead of fifteen packs. But not in handcuffs”.

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