The first reviews of the movie from Jennifer Lawrence, “Mama”

Первые отзывы к фильму с Дженнифер Лоуренс «Мама»

Last movie Jennifer Lawrence, who now meets with its Director Darren Aronofsky, a psychological horror called “Mother” debuted at the Venice Film festival this Monday and have already collected their first reviews. Audiences and critics were puzzled by the stories and expressed it in his comments.

Первые отзывы к фильму с Дженнифер Лоуренс «Мама»

Dby Jennifer Lawrence is crazy in the most incomprehensible film of the year,” written in the title of Marlow’s opinion Stern’for The Daily Beast. The most common phrase in reviews was “What the hell?”.

“If the only thing we expect from a horror movie — it’s stunning surprise, dilated pupils and jaw drops, damaging to skin condition is the expression on the face from the phrase “What the hell?” — a film by Darren Aranofsky for you seem a real masterpiece,” writes Owen, Gleiberman for Variety.

The main role in the film played by Jennifer Lawrence, Has er Bardem, ed Harris, Michael Pfeiffer and domhnall Gleeson. The film is about a couple whose house start coming from strangers. After that, the house where he lives a couple, begin to happen strange events around which the plot revolves pictures. Film by Darren Aranofsky been called a religious allegory, a psychological Thriller, and viewers who haven’t seen it yet, waiting for much more.

One of the reviewers compared the film for the most part with the classics of Roman Polanski’s “rosemary’s Baby” where the Director called from the audience the fear of not showing the monster itself. “Mom is a terrible nightmare that plays out like a hallucination, which, in turn, played out like theater of the absurd, which descends farther into the interior, to the extreme depths of depravity. You can assume that Aronofsky took the images for the film from the cult movie the Shining (isolation from the world and the character of Bardem with hints of madness) and also of rosemary’s Baby, the best of the paranoid horror films. If so, then the Director will tell you right in the face, in the final scene (‘Hail Satan!’), that Director Roman Polanski took with trepidation. This movie was a bad dream, which describes a pregnancy in which rosemary paid for his naivety and trust. And for what sin pays Lawrence?” compares the three films one of the critics.

The world premiere is scheduled on the fifth of September 2017, and the Russians will see it on the big screen after nine days.