Первый выход в свет Кайли Миноуг вместе с бойфрендом

The stars say for tradition to confirm the novels and show his companions on the red carpet of various events. So for the first time the singer Kylie Minogue was published along with her boyfriend — creative Director of British GQ Paul Solomons.

The event is ambiguous, because in fact, Paul could not appear on the red carpet, and to avoid or not to be there with Kylie, he could not. For the debut of the relations in public, the stars have chosen the awards ceremony of the British edition of GQ Men of the Year Awards 2018, by the way, the workplace of the boyfriend of the actress.

Note that there is a singer in a dress you already wore, though not so long ago. Gold dress Stella McCartney Kylie already wore in may, in celebration of its 50th anniversary, which was first spotted with her new boyfriend.

Recall that to Express love for new York Minogue decided the new photos in social network, where hugs with Paul in the background of new York skyscrapers.

Insiders here said that to meet they began in February. Rush to announce a new relationship, the singer was in no hurry. “She didn’t want to rush into a serious relationship, and just enjoyed doing her. It is no secret that breaking up with Josh it was very painful. She was completely defenseless,” says the insider newspaper the Sun.

Last year, the singer Kylie Minogue had survived the betrayal of his young fiancé Joshua Sassari.. Seemed heart broken, but it still has room for new love. In may the singer celebrated 50 years, and in celebration she shared in instagram photo with a mysterious stranger. Journalists have found out who the new choice of singer. In an interview for the Sun magazine, the singer spoke about how music helped cope with separation. Kylie is very involved in the preparation of the new album, Golden, and singles told his vision of the reasons for breaking the engagement.

“The end of 2016 was very difficult for me. So the album, which I began in early 2017, made for me a kind of escape from problems. I was very vulnerable at the moment, but at the same time, the ability to Express, to vent their feelings at the Studio, helped me back to our old selves. I wrote about different periods of my life, the UPS and downs, the whole truth. Only one love will never leave or betray is music.” says Minogue.