The first rehearsal of Sergey Lazareva in Stockholm was torn

Первая репетиция Сергея Лазарева в Стокгольме была сорвана
The life and health of participant of “Eurovision” was in danger.

Sergey Lazarev with mom

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

The first rehearsal room
the representative of Russia on “the Eurovision” — Sergey Lazarev ended with the fall
artist. The singer could not resist the scenery meter height and fell. A rehearsal was aborted: the organizers had to make sure that the singer did not suffer serious injuries. Some time later, the rehearsal
resumed, and the organizers, seeing how tough of a show prepared by the representative
Russia was allowed to repeat a run of three rooms.

The fact that the team of Sergey Lazarev came up with technically complex scenery of the performances. The room contains a retractable
stairs, which the singer will need to climb up. But the trick is
that part of the room is in semi-darkness. So Lazarus, who in this
time still it will be necessary to sing, to be an extremely difficult task.

By the way, recently
Sergey celebrated his 33rd birthday, on which everybody was talking about
the participation of Lazarev in the international competition of executors. Of course, most of all
the singer is worried his closest people — mother Valentine.

almost never sleeps! I wish though he sometimes rested!” — she said in
the occasion. “Mom, we will have a rest then! — reassured her Sergei, gently embracing
a distressed woman. In the final celebration of Sergei was waiting for a huge cake with the logo
Eurovision and the name of the song he will perform at the competition: “You are the only

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