The first pictures of grown-up children Laysan Utyasheva and Pavel Volya

Первые фото повзрослевших детей Ляйсан Утяшевой и Павла Воли The heirs of the star couple appeared at the birthday party of the mother. Fans were delighted from touching congratulations Robert and Sophia had prepared for her. In addition, they were finally able to see the faces of kids of famous parents.

Many years the Laysan utiasheva and Paul Will hide their children from prying eyes – not gentler than his own novel. Five-year-old Robert and three-year-old Sophia did not hit any paparazzi or in Instagram-friends stories of their stellar parents. Before tonight!

A close friend of the family, the choreographer Yekaterina Reshetnikova, released footage from the celebration of the 33 anniversary of the famous gymnastics. And the footage has finally fulfilled the dream of fans of Will and Utyasheva – in the video you can see Robert and Sophia are touching. congratulations to his beloved mother at the ceremony.

Recall that on the novel of the resident of Comedy Club Pavel Volya and gymnast Laysan Utyasheva became known about six years ago. In November 2012 the couple were married, and in may 2013 the star couple was born a son, Robert.

Two years later, in the gymnast and the comedian had a daughter Sophia.

Paul himself does not get tired to emphasize how lucky he is with his wife. The man regularly puts pictures together, admitting Laysan in love. On the eve of her birthday, the comedian devoted Utyasheva touching Instagram post.

“Don’t think about anything serious, not solved any problems, and just rejoice, laugh, scream, fun and loud, spin and skidaway hands and dance and smile. Because you’re a girl. Small, agile, mischievous girl. And stay with her. All the adult stuff I take. And you just run towards the flowers that I captured these moments. Love you. Thank you for our family. Embrace every second of our time,” wrote the entertainer.

Fans do not get tired to admire the idyll that reigns in the starry family. Despite everyone’s attention to Paul and Rosie for quite a long time managed to hide the children’s faces. Instagram parents Robert and Sophia appeared only from the back. Now fans can argue about who looks like the heirs of gymnasts and humorist.