The first photos of a pregnant Kirsten dunst!

Появились первые фото беременной Кирстен Данст!
The actress is preparing for the birth of the first child.

Kirsten Dunst


That 35-year-old Kirsten dunst will be the first
mom, it became known in December 2017. This summer she needs
to give birth to her fiance — the 29-year-old actor Jack Plemmons. But
recently, Kirsten wore clothing free styles, not trying
to show everyone the changes in my figure. And just the other day the paparazzi
caught Kirsten in the dress, which were clearly drawn it already
markedly rounded tummy. The actress, in this case, was quite flourishing.

Interestingly, the star relatively recently wanted to become
mother. “Actually, I’m not one of those women, who from early youth
repeat: “I soon want to have a baby!”I never thought, until
was born my godmother’s daughter. But now I fell in love with her… Yesterday,
example, I put the baby to sleep. And in the morning she asked her mom in her sweet
little voice : “Where’s Kiki (me)? And then I realized, “God, how I want
I have had the same baby”, said Kirsten. And when the actress
got Plemmons, dunst decided it was time to implement the plans. «I
so much time was worked since three years. I must go now finally,
relax and start a family.”— so dunst commented on the message about his

Recall, Plemmons actress
met in 2015 for the TV show “Frago”, where she and Jack played
married couple. However, their romance only began a year later. Anyway,
paparazzi for the first time managed them kissing in may 2016. And about their engagement
it became known in January 2017. As for the wedding, it will be,
most likely, after the birth of a child dunst and Plemons.