Первые фото нового мужа Даны Борисовой

Dana Borisova, now like Anastasia, I learned to surprise.

The TV presenter, who married in August last year, decided to divorce her husband without mentioning even a wedding anniversary. recently it became clear that the choice Given is not gone nowhere, and the new Beau and future husband.

Still Borisov concealed the name of the person she said Yes to the offer hands and hearts.

Journalists managed to get a picture new love.

“My husband is Armenian, — tells Borisov. — Despite the fact that we are not yet married (though last weekend filed a petition in the Registrar’s office), my darling nice to call me wife.”

“While Alesha salary of 30 thousand rubles, but it is not important — adds Dana. — He’s leaving for 7 months for study in the near future it will face new challenges and opportunities. And I’ve never felt this strong male shoulder. I can say one thing: we love each other. I think I’ve met someone special”.

Note that the salary of 30 thousand rubles not prevent future newlyweds to live a full leg. For example, rings for the wedding, the couple chose not of the category “economy”.

The same ring from Cartier a pair will cost 400 thousand rubles.

We will remind, about her ex-husband, with whom Borisov divorced in June, she says only good and thanks him for the fact that the separation was without scandals and public explanation of the relationship.

“I am grateful to her ex-husband Andrew that we were divorced without the dirt and squabbles, — admitted Borisov. — Happy that our relationship has finally come to an end. Perhaps if not for this divorce, I would not have met my future husband!”


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