The first lady: how much is the beauty of Melanie trump

Первая леди: сколько стоит красота Меланьи Трамп

46-year-old Melanie looks at least 10-15 years younger! What is the secret first lady of the United States? We decided to find out and count how many there are beauty treatments that help trump to look perfect in her years.

70-year-old Republican candidate Donald trump has won the US presidential election held on 8 November. This became clear during the counting of votes in Wisconsin. He got more than the 270 votes needed for victory.

Society around the world rejoices and congratulates trump of victory: who is the person who writes letters, and who in social networks leaves a jubilant posts.

But in addition to Donald’s all congratulate incomparable Melania trump, which has long been known in the circles of show business as a leading top model, and since 2010 – a jewelry designer.

According to public opinion polls, Melanie stanla the hottest first lady in history!

Trump every day plays sports and tries to eat right. The first lady admitted that even when you do not want to do anything, she overpowers himself and goes to the gym. Beloved of the current President of the United States prefers Pilates, tennis and cardio, I guess that’s why she’s got a body like a 20-year-old.

46-year-old model looks amazing: trim figure, perfect features and no wrinkles! Looking at pictures of Melani a decade ago, it’s hard to even find 10 differences!

We decided to find out how much the Melanya her beauty and youth, and this applied to the specialist.

Olga Shemonaeva, plastic surgeon and specialist in contouring, member of society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons:
Первая леди: сколько стоит красота Меланьи Трамп

— I think that many readers will recognize the former top model and current first lady of the United States Melania trump due to the unusual shape of the eyes. However, if you look at earlier photos of Melanie, it is possible to understand that here was not without canthopexy plastic surgery for the correction of the outer corner of the eye plus lower eyelid blepharoplasty. Definitely, rhinoplasty was performed, which claim that operations were few, because, if we look at pictures from 1996 to 2016, the nose, the first lady changed several times: the plastic surgeons worked on the tip, wings and a hump.

For his age (Melania trump age 46) wife of Donald trump has a very trim middle third of the face, which is a direct symptom of a check-lifting (lifting of the midface), in addition, I do not exclude the finding of implants in the cheeks, making the face the first lady looks younger and fresher.

Also not without the endoscopic forehead lift patients, which creates a lifting effect of the eyebrows. Many Hollywood celebrities resort to this procedure to get more clear and open look. I admit that the former top model could resort to lifting at the expense of filament technology. We can see how clear oval face boasts a girl, this effect can be achieved through the installation threads.

The Melania trump prefers dekolirovaniya dresses and clothing emphasizes the bust, so it is easy to see that the operation was conducted by breast augmentation. I believe that Melania trump is investing enough funds in your appearance and is a frequent guest at the reception of the beautician for “beauty shots” – I see Botox injections, possibly, carried out a course of mesotherapy or biorevitalisation for maintaining skin tone and natural color of the face.

The approximate cost of the procedures that was done by Melanie ($):

Rhinoplasty – 250 000

Breast augmentation – 250 000

Blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids – from 60 000

Thread – 120 000

Forehead lift – 150,000

Plastic eyes – from 150 000

Implants in the cheeks – from 50 000

Botox and “beauty shots” – from 20 000

A check lift – 200 000

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