Первые интриги шоу «Холостяк-4»: то, что осталось за кадром Alexey Vorobyov more than once behaved in an unexpected way. Home “the bachelor” has allowed the girls themselves to make a fateful choice. Besides, he preferred not fifteen, and sixteen participants.

      Первые интриги шоу «Холостяк-4»: то, что осталось за кадром

      Last Saturday on TNT premiere of the fourth season of the show “the Bachelor.” The main hero of the program was 28-year-old actor and Director, a strong-willed man, handsome Alexei Vorobyov. A star of the screen a long time its fame as a ladies ‘ man. Alex attributed novels with many popular young ladies. This time, however, the sparrows decided to find your love among girls who are not the owners of the big names, as well as his colleagues on the stage or in the movies.

      When sparrows appeared in front of 25 girls who were selected from more than 40,000 candidates throughout Russia, it became clear that planned ahead have a fight. Young ladies with admiration looked at the main character of the show. However, Alex did not hesitate and immediately invited the participants to make their choice before the game will enter it. This point is not included in the broadcast.

      “The first day I invited all the girls to make a choice first before you start to choose me. Yes, it is a violation of the rules, but I could not do otherwise. It was fair to him, because in life as it happens – from the man, but the woman always chooses”, – he explained his actions sparrows. Of course, none of the ladies have not abandoned the fallen she had a chance to meet eligible bachelor closer.

      Первые интриги шоу «Холостяк-4»: то, что осталось за кадром

      The second unique moment of the show was the failure of the pretender from roses, which she handed to the main character. This girl was Natalia Tkalina, a 32-year-old model from Moscow.

      “I had no doubt that I like Alex. I doubt if I can continue to participate in the show. I am very nervous, because the first time participate in such a project. Don’t know what it was, a delusion. But then when I went back, and stood up on his seat, I realized that I wanted to continue to fight for Alexei”, – admitted “StarHit” Natalia.

      While Tkalina decide to leave or to stay, she designed the rose was given to another. And when Natalie realized what’s missing, perhaps, only chance to win the heart Vorobyov, all fifteen girls were selected for further participation in the show.

      Первые интриги шоу «Холостяк-4»: то, что осталось за кадром

      “To be honest, very long time since I heard a woman saying no. And whatever the reason, this woman is interesting! Any man will understand me – told about the situation of sparrows. But Natasha changed her mind and asked to stay… be the First to say no, and then Yes, it is an act of a real woman! And I am convinced that a man should not refuse a woman when she asks. And I don’t care what “format” roses only 15! I came here to meet women and this desire is impossible to limit the format. And this girl I’m interested in. So I took another, 16 a rose and gave it to Natasha”.

      Fortunately Dolinoy, the organizers of “the Bachelor,” accepted and to this violation of the rules of the show. Girl among the other contestants will fly to Thailand where they will begin a close Association with Alexey Vorobyov. Watch the show “the Bachelor” on Saturdays at 21:30 on TNT!

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