The first details the birth Amal Clooney

Стали известны первые подробности родов Амаль Клуни
Newly-made dad keep under the “reassurance”…

George and Amal Clooney


Yesterday many
fans of George Clooney celebrated the emergence of
on light twins, which gave birth to his 39-year-old wife, Amal. Originally
it was reported only that the birth of the wife of the actor about the pregnancy, which became known in January of this year, went well and the babies —
a boy and a girl called Ella and Alexander. Now, begin to appear the details of the event.

Earlier it was reported,
that Amal, who decided to give birth in Britain, where the couple lived the last time
his estate in Berkshire, had previously signed a contract with one of the best doctors
some of the capital’s clinics. Now it became known that it was about London’s Chelsey and Westminister Hospital. A doctor who helped the twins Clooney to be born, was not
other than the celebrity medical world of the first magnitude — Mr Guy Thorpe-Beeston. In addition, Thorpe-Beeston became famous
what he delivered the wife of the heir to the throne — and Duchess Catherine!
About it reported the Internet-the edition

It is the Thorpe-Beeston (together
with the Royal doctor Alan Farthing) led in may 2015, a group of midwives,
which helped to be born the sister of Prince George — the Princess Charlotte. However,
it all happened then in another place at St. Mary’s hospital, where
famous gynecologist is also a consultant. And in London’s Chelsey and Westminister Hospital he works from 1996 year.

As for George Clooney, for the first time become a father, he
reportedly resides in the seventh heaven from happiness. However, Clooney strongly
alarmed for his wife. As a joke, the press Secretary of the actor, published
the news of the birth of the twins, “George kept sedated, but
it is expected that he will soon be better.”