The first channel will show season 4 of “Sherlock” January 1, 2017

Первый канал покажет 4 сезон «Шерлока» 1 января 2017

Fans of the TV series “Sherlock” can be called real Hachiko, who, however, unlike the famous dog, not waiting for his master, and the new series of the detective Teleostei.

Release of the fourth season of “Sherlock” and today it became known, where each of us will be able to enjoy unlocking new mysteries. To wait again the fans don’t have to, because in parallel with the BBC news channel will begin broadcast of the First channel.

This will take place on 1 January. On the first day of the new year will be presented the first series, following 8 and 15 Jan.

As we can see, traditions don’t change coronary and waiting for us again three of the series.

The first episode title “Six Thatcher” (which is a reference to the famous story by Arthur Conan Doyle The Adventure of the Six Napoleons, known in Russia as “Six Napoleons”), tells the story of the missing gems is hidden in one of six busts of Margaret Thatcher (serial interpretation).

The second episode is called The Lying Detective and refers to the title of the story The Dying Detective, known to us as “Sherlock Holmes death”, where the famous detective depicts a deadly disease, to catch the criminal.

What will be in the third episode so far unknown.