The first channel suffered significant losses. For the use of the song “Dark night” during the show “the Voice. The finale of” without the permission of the holder, the channel was fined 600 thousand rubles.

This decision was made by the ninth arbitration court of appeal, and all the details of the case published on the official page instance.
According to the statements of the plaintiff, the above mentioned piece of music was “wrongfully included by the defendant in the composition of a complex object – audiovisual works (TV shows “the Voice”) and redesigned (modified vocal and instrumental pieces.” The previous decision of the arbitration court was dismissing the claim of the plaintiff due to the fact that the defendant provided proof of payment of appropriate remuneration, but re-examination of the case ended differently. In addition to 600 thousand rubles, the First channel will be forced to pay 32 000 roubles of the state duty and 19 900 – attorney’s fees and court costs.