The first channel refused to “Wait for me”

Первый канал отказался от программы «Жди меня» TV company “VID” came into conflict with the First channel. Editor in chief of the transfer confirmed that the contract expired and was not renewed. However, from detailed comments she refused.
Первый канал отказался от программы «Жди меня»

The program “Wait for me” was aired the First channel since 1999. With the transfer of more than two hundred thousand people were able to find lost relatives and friends. However, in early September, it was reported that the contract with the TV company BID on the production of new editions and have not been renewed.

It has now turned out that the program will no longer be aired by the First channel. A source close to the negotiations confirmed that the conflict arose due to the lack of worthy candidates on a post of the leader.

“First, without the consent of the First channel was dismissed leading Alexander Galibin, and then began a long debate about the new candidacy for this post. In the end, the right person for the position and was not found,” – said the insider.

It is known that the contract for the production of another iconic program, “Field of dreams” was renewed automatically. Broadcaster BID negotiated with famous actors, and in the end proposed as the leading Sergey Zhigunov. However, according to the source, this candidate was not satisfied with the First channel.

Alexander Galibin to the last did not know whether to extend a contract with him. The presenter confirmed that he was sad to say goodbye to the project.

“Said will be reorganized, and therefore, changes in the structure. It was a strange, vague conversation — I didn’t even say what changed. But he added that the contract likely won’t be with me renewed. Maybe it’s the new trend of the wind, but the changes seem very strange. I don’t know what has caused it. Of course, sad to leave — we had good gear, but I won a grant from the Ministry of culture is going to make a film and stage performances,” – said Alexander.

Many fans were distressed by the news of the closure of the program, because leading really helped people to find each other. “I’m sorry. Watch this program for many years, and she always liked me,” “Perhaps. It’s for the best. Unlikely to find a more spiritual leading than Alexander Galibin”. wrote the fans of the project.

“StarHit” managed to contact the chief editor of the program Yulia Bodinya. However, she refused to talk about the future of the project.

“All the information is true. I have no comment,” said Julia.

Recall that the transfer has existed since 1998. For some time she went out on RTR (now Russia 1), but since 1999 consistently appeared in the First channel. In the period leading “Wait for me” was Igor Kvasha. Maria Shukshina, Egor Beroev, Mikhail Efremov, Alexander Domogarov and Chulpan Khamatova.

September 15 will be broadcast replay one of the old editions of the famous transmission. According to reports RBC over the First channel “Wait for me” certainly won’t be.