The first channel has officially confirmed the appointment of Helen Bat

Первый канал официально подтвердил назначение Елены Летучей The star was offered to become the leading new show. After the scandal with the Voronezh hospital Elena Letuchaya will check the schools, clinics and kindergartens. The broadcaster confirmed the information about the new place of work celebrity.
Первый канал официально подтвердил назначение Елены Летучей

Presenter and producer of the program “Revizorro” Elena Letuchaya got a new job. Now the TV star will work on the First channel.

A celebrity will lead the new program, which will make familiar to his fans role. The star will be engaged in checks of socially important facilities, including schools, kindergartens and clinics. Viewers will be able to apply to transfer with a request to remove the story of a particular place.

“In the framework of the project “the Sweeney” Elena will gather a team of like-minded people, ready to teach viewers of the channel to fight for their rights. For help, Elena can contact everyone, put your videos or writing a letter on the website of the First channel or the social network with #letositra. Every week the project will be to disassemble one of these communications”, – reported in a press-service of the company.

According to some sources, the premiere of a new TV show could take place in early November.

“I am very pleased that now, when my back such as the main channel of the country, I can help people in really difficult situations. I want to tell the viewers that it was no win situation and every problem can and should be solved,” said star.

Elena Letuchaya received an offer from the TV company after the story of the Voronezh clinical hospital named Padewskiego. The celebrity came to this city with a master class. One of the students asked Bat to check the medical establishment, which has long had problems.

When Elena arrived at the hospital, along with twenty fans, that has caused concern among the health facility staff. They continued to go about their business. The indignation of the Fly and its fans there was no limit. Celebsonline found in the clinic cockroaches, soiled mattresses and stains on the walls. Patients also complained to Elena that because of the lack of soul are forced not to bathe for weeks.

Clip from Bat caused a huge public resonance. The plot, in which a TV star, inspects the hospital, showed on the First channel. The Prosecutor’s office conducted an audit and found a number of violations of sanitary and epidemiological legislation, including E. coli on the bedside tables of the patients.

As a result, the hospital management received a submission to eliminate violations of law and bringing the perpetrators to disciplinary responsibility. In addition, was drawn up two protocols on unlawful acts of an administrative nature. To allow the medical institutions in order, employees were given a month.