Финалисты «Битвы экстрасенсов» вспомнили самые сложные испытания 18-го сезона Constantine Hecate, Sofia Egorova and other stars of the project spoke about the problems that arose during the taping. Each participant had their heavy moments, but they still managed to demonstrate their abilities.
Финалисты «Битвы экстрасенсов» вспомнили самые сложные испытания 18-го сезона

Last week the audience learned that the winner of the 18th season of “Battle of psychics” was Constantine Hecate. The man received the most votes of fans, because since the first edition of the show, he impressed the audience. However, the owner of the blue hand, and his opponents had difficulties during the project. This difficult moments were devoted to the new edition of the program.

Constantine Hecate: “I was hiding my second life”

So, Sofia Egorova experienced huge problems finding people. The girl was unable to cope with any such test.

“I lacked just a little. At the last second made all the wrong choices. And only at the last test I was able to Express himself. It was too difficult,” – said Sophia.

But for Alexander Kininova difficult was one of the qualifying tests. Then he had to tell the story of “Mr. X,” behind the mask which hides the singer Yulia Samoilova. The fact that the psychic telling fortunes with cards, and with a blindfold he could not do it. That is why the young man had recourse to one of the staff crew, who told me that is depicted on certain Tarot cards.

Jean and Dana Alibekova could impress the relatives of the famous healer juna, who wanted to uncover the secrets of her death. Brother and sister managed the details to retell the biography of the deceased psychic, but then no one knew how difficult for them was the test.

“We literally felt her presence, the reluctance to let us into the secrets of her past. It was a very beautiful and strong – willed woman,” shared memories Alibekova.

Many fans thought that Constantine Hecate easily passed all the tests, but he had difficulties. For example, during the investigation in the village Evseevka psychic out of myself. He needed to uncover the cause of mass suicides of local men, but the constant questioning of the relatives were distracted by the future winner.

“I shouted at them. I needed to commune with the spirits, and they hurt. Constantly saying something. The main thing I managed to save the inhabitants from an evil entity. To disclose the details of the ritual I have no right”, – said Konstantin.

Fans of “the battle of psychics” believe that in the world there are still many mysteries and find the answers to them can only talented magicians. However, the producers of the project have not yet announced a new season of the popular show.