The finalist of “the battle of psychics” Tatiana Larina has decided to try IVF

Финалистка «Битвы экстрасенсов» Татьяна Ларина решилась на ЭКО Famous psychic dreams of having a baby. Tatyana Larina has a son from his first marriage. Now she has found family happiness with Julius Mydevice-Dalecki and is now ready to become a mother for the second time.

      Финалистка «Битвы экстрасенсов» Татьяна Ларина решилась на ЭКО

      Star 15th season of the popular project “Battle of psychics” Tatiana Larina in the final program received a proposal of marriage from her beloved Julius Mitkevich-Dalecki. Their unequal marriage discussed. Many were surprised that stunning beauty suddenly marries a young clairvoyant, who is younger than her twenty years. For several years Tatiana Larina and Julius Mitkevich-dalecki argued that their relationship is based on vzaimnoi love and respect.

      Tatiana has a son from his first marriage, which her new husband was able to find a common language. Despite the seeming idyll, Larina looks pretty intense, late for work, keeps the accounts, arguing with peers and running around the doctors. Tatiana is preparing to conceive a second child through IVF. She desperately wants to bear her husband an heir, as any mention of children leads her to a nervous breakdown, shouting, scandals.

      Julius believes that the future child in their family is special and does not hide his pride.

      “This child foretold a special destiny, it would definitely be a girl, a powerful witch. Baby is important not only for us but for the history of the world,” says Mitkevich-dalecki without embarrassment.
      Финалистка «Битвы экстрасенсов» Татьяна Ларина решилась на ЭКО

      In certain circles Larina is renowned as one of the strongest mages of St. Petersburg. Psychic powers she began to develop relatively recently, but have been able to achieve fantastic results and gained credibility from customers. Techniques to it is painted for some months forward, and help people from different countries. However, not so long ago she admitted that experiencing some financial difficulties. Luxurious townhouse Larina together with her husband moved to the rented apartment.

      The finalist of “the battle of Psychics” Tatyana Larina: “We loved on the verge of bankruptcy”

      Also a psychic known as a talented singer and vocal coach. Among her charges was the famous singer Stas Kostyushkin, who was grateful for her music lessons. Spring woman even wanted to try their hand at popular music TV show.

      The next series of the program “diary of a psychic c Tatiana Larina” will be released on Friday at 18:00 on TV channel TV-3.