The finalist of “the battle of psychics” Sonia Egorova spoke about money on the project

Финалистка «Битвы экстрасенсов» Соня Егорова заговорила о деньгах на проекте The witch remembered her participation in a TV show. Is now accepting applications for the 19th season of “the Battle of psychics.” Some believe that everything is bought, however, Egorova denies this version.
Финалистка «Битвы экстрасенсов» Соня Егорова заговорила о деньгах на проекте

The project “Battle of psychics” exist on Russian television is not the first, but more and more magicians from all cities and countries want to take part in it. Recently started casting in the 19th season of the TV show on the TNT channel. Every time some detractors and pessimists disseminate information about what the project is all bought, and no experts predictions and other kinds of magic does not exist.

Sonia Egorova, the witch from Moscow, who inherited the gift from his father, reached the final in the previous season. However, Constantine Hecate managed to win over a large audience of spectators, so walked around the girl. Now Sonia gives private receptions, during which helps people to solve personal questions, diagnose diseases, and also helps to communicate with deceased relatives. Yegorov said that he had achieved all on her own.

“Memories came flooding back. As if this day was yesterday. I remember the smell of the air this June morning. I remember every emotion, every thought, I remember how my heart was banging in my throat from the excitement and anticipation that this day would change my life. But many told me: “it’s impossible to get”, “There’s probably all bought”, “They take only the freaks”, “Why are you doing this? It’s just a show, it’s not really”, “are You stupid? You don’t have 15 000 000, and there all just for the money”. But I decided to try and come to the casting, and then at sectionals. No clout and no money. I remember how I myself was in doubt until the last, until the bell rang, and I said, “You were in the main part! You in Battle!” – shared Sonia in the microblog.

Besides, the witch urged everyone to get on a TV show not to believe such talk. “All these rumors are bullshit! There is no money no one asks. Audition – don’t worry, don’t try to please, not Crouch in front of the editor! Just be yourself! Trust yourself and your strength! My strength has brought me to the finals”, – said Egorov.

Finalist herself not afraid to cry during the test project, and never hid any emotion. This she managed to win many of the test participants and to help people.