The filming turned to Anna Kalashnikova real nightmare

Съемки на природе обернулись для Анны Калашниковой настоящим кошмаром Singer bitten by midges. Now Anna Kalashnikov struggles with swelling of the eye, which prevents it to work properly. All night the artist was trying to relieve suffering. Fans are very concerned about the condition of your pet.

      Singer Anna Kalashnikov often participates in various photo shoots. The actress is happy to cooperate with designers and photographers and received images pleasing their fans. However, the recent shooting outdoors became a real challenge for Kalashnikova. Despite the fact that the work proceeded smoothly and productively, now Anna’s worried about his health. For the sake of the beautiful shots she had to endure the bites of small black flies, but tonight the real nightmare began – her swollen eyes.

      “Yesterday we managed to make a gorgeous fairytale photo shoot in the nature. After the photo shoot I sat in the car and felt pain in eye while driving to the centre, eyes swollen instantly! I immediately went to the doctors – turns out it biting midges. All hands feet in these bites! What they are dangerous – give a strong the swelling, you should immediately take action!” – Anne shared stories about their health.

      Fans reacted to this statement of our favorite. They wished Kalashnikova speedy recovery.

      Due to unpleasant incident, Anna had to cancel an important business meeting. Kalashnikov incredibly upset about what happened to her. Moreover, it barely survived the night, trying though a little to reduce swelling.

      “All night saw the preparations and applied on the eye tea and ice, today it is easier to watch, but the swelling is still up. Protect yourself and your loved ones – gnats now the threat has gone. Very uncomfortable, and yesterday, and today will have to abandon filming and postpone. I hope the swelling will soon come!” – said Kalashnikov.

      Not so long ago with Anna, too, had been a terrible accident when she was vacationing in nature. A young mother had a picnic for polutorogodovalogo son Daniel, mum and their friends. However, Anna had to cut the fun short because of poor health and immediately contact the nearest medical center. As it turned out, she was bitten by a poisonous spider.

      “I thought I was bitten by a mosquito, he told Anna “StarHit”. – Leg itched and never went away, but I’m treating it with ointment from the bites, hoping that soon the discomfort will pass. Tried not to pay attention to the terrible itching – all on the mosquitoes, my skin reacts quite sharply. In the afternoon felt a slight dizziness, weakness and nausea. And then looked at his leg and was horrified! It is terribly swollen, a little red around the holes was bright red circle.”