The film “Office romance” turned into a Doodle

Фильм «Служебный роман» превратился в дудл It has been exactly 40 years since the publication of the famous painting. Google reminded the residents of some post-Soviet countries about “the Service novel”. On the main page today a picture-screensaver with a scene from the legendary Comedy.
Фильм «Служебный роман» превратился в дудл

26 Oct 1977 in theatres throughout the Soviet Union released film “Office romance”. The painting became incredibly popular throughout the country. The film Director Eldar Ryazanov was not wrong when he decided to film adaptation of the play “Colleagues” written by him together with Emil Braginskiy in 1971. In all theatres this production was a huge success with the audience.

The film “Office romance” is still considered one of the most beloved of millions of viewers. A touching story of the relationship between the Director of the statistical Agency and chief statistician for no one could remain indifferent.

In honor of the anniversary of the Google search engine decided to dedicate a Doodle. Picture-saver, which has now replaced the company logo depicted a scene from the film in which Novoseltsev imagined dialogue with Kalugina in her office. The man sat down in her chair, put on shoes glasses and began to talk from itself, and on behalf of the Manager. Then, when Ludmila prokofievna entered the room, he fell from the surprise under the table. The logo on the first page of the search engine has changed in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Among the fans of “Office romance”, there are those who loves series “Game of thrones”. They found the episodes in the seventh season, which are well-formed dialogues from the Soviet pattern. Many Internet users thought it was witty and praised the authors for their ingenuity.

The audience still gladly review lyrical Comedy, where the main role was played by such actors as Alisa Freindlich, Andrei Myagkov, Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Oleg Basilashvili, Liya Akhedzhakova, Ludmila Ivanova and others. The following year, the film has collected various awards including the state prize of the RSFSR behalf of the Vasilyev brothers, and became the leader of hire.

As said Eldar Ryazanov, stage a romantic dinner in the guest Kalugina was pure improvisation. He admired the play was perfectly executed this episode, who decorated the film.