The film Menshikov and Petrov banned for showing viewers under 18 years

Фильм Меньшикова и Петрова запретили показывать зрителям до 18 лет
Thriller “Goldeneye. The beginning of” can’t see the pupils.

Фильм Меньшикова и Петрова запретили показывать зрителям до 18 лет

Alexander Petrov the role of a young Gogol

Photo: courtesy of the press service of “TV-3”

fantasy-Thriller “Goldeneye. Beginning,” in
which the main roles were played by Alexander Petrov and Oleg Menshikov prohibited
viewing to persons under 18 years of age without adult supervision. Similar age
rating — the toughest in Russia listed on rental permit
has the picture by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. The reason the tape
on motives of products of Gogol’s collection of short stories “Evenings on a farm near
Dikanka”, it is impossible to watch children and adolescents — the abundance of outright and bloody scenes. After All, “Gogol. The beginning of the” plunge
the audience in the dark and brutal world of Dikanka, the town a seductive
naked mermaids and witches, as well as brutal monsters
ruthlessly deal with anyone who comes their way.

Ilya Burets
responsible for promotion and film distribution in Russia, said: “the Ministry
of culture, which issues a distribution certificate, because of the abundance of hard scenes
“Gogol. The beginning” compared to “Dadula”. We are flattered by such a comparison, especially
given the charges last…”

Oleg Menshikov in the series “Gogol”

Photo: courtesy of the press service of “TV-3”

the film version of a work that is included in the school curriculum, were still able to see
students, producers of the films decided to cut out pictures of the most outspoken
episodes and release a mounting option for audiences 16+. Thus
“Gogol. The beginning of” August 31 kicks off in the Russian hire in two versions:
uncut 18+ and for a wider audience 16+. In domestic practice
already a well-known precedent of the film “the Viking” which was also released in two
versions. However a softer version was addressed to a much more
younger audiences 12+.