The film “beauty and the beast” can get a sequel

Фильм «Красавица и чудовище» может получить продолжение

Adaptation of the disney tale “beauty and the Beast” has already begun the March across cinemas around the world. This love story has already attracted to the screens of millions of viewers, making the first weekend in the U.S. only managed to raise $ 170 million. On the wave of this popularity and success, the creators of the movie thought about the sequel.

“The incredible rolling success of “beauty and the Beast” forced the creators to talk about the sequel, which could go to the big screen in 2019 or 2020,” — said the informant

“They want to go back to the classics and to make a feature film based on the cartoon “Beauty and the beast: the Enchanted Christmas” (1997), “Belle’s Magical world” (1998), “the tale of the bell of friendship” (1999).

Return whether the actors, who performed in the movie “beauty and the Beast” starring, not specified.

We hope we’ll be able to see Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in the role of the main characters, because they looked on the screen is incredibly harmonious and magical.