The figure Tara Reid is considered a “horror of a plastic surgeon”

Фигуру Тары Рейд считают «ужасом пластического хирурга»

Actress Tara Reid, the once-cute slender blonde not get tired to shock the audience with their appearance. Artist spends thousands of dollars on their appearance and still can not stop perfecting it. Meanwhile, behind her eyes has been nicknamed the “horror of the plastic surgeon”.

Фигуру Тары Рейд считают «ужасом пластического хирурга»
Yesterday the actress was spotted at a resort in Cabo San Lucas, of course, she was in a bikini. Forty-year-old Tara really extremely slender (a little too), but the shortcomings of the inept surgeon’s impossible to hide from prying eyes. Admit it and the RAID.
“I was doing body contouring, but it all went wrong” — said the actress in a recent interview. Previously, it was charged that she was sick with anorexia, but Tara answered that she engaged in a simple and restricted diet. In contrast to her slim waist huge Breasts look so unnatural that it pay attention of plastic surgeons, considering figure a RAID – doctor-dropout.

Фигуру Тары Рейд считают «ужасом пластического хирурга»

“It’s a nightmare of a plastic surgeon. Professional correction should be invisible, but Tara Reid looks like were on the table, the surgeon-taught” — commented photos artist specialist one of the Los Angeles clinics.

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