Борьба с раком, выкидыш и смерть супруга: проклятие Регины Мянник Regina männik has frankly told about a terrible diagnosis, which she received after only a few weeks after the murder of her husband. The actress admits that barely escaped the terrible consequences, because it is too late to see a doctor.
Борьба с раком, выкидыш и смерть супруга: проклятие Регины Мянник

Looking at Regina männik on the screen it’s hard to believe that this seductive woman was faced with a series of terrible trials, to cope which under force far not to everyone. At the age of 17 she fell in love with a married man named Sergei, against the relationship which was made by her entire family.

The passion was so strong that after a couple of years the chosen one left a pregnant with a second child his wife and went to Regina. She does not deny that he felt the vile home wrecker, but could not get rid of painful love.

“Once I told him that it was over, we broke up for two months. In the end, he came to my house, said he left the family, only wants to be with me, and after a while we got back together. Any conflicts with the ex-wife of Sergei, I was not, but later I learned that in the two months before they broke up, his ex-wife was pregnant,” he shared memories of Regina’s program “the Destiny of man”.
Борьба с раком, выкидыш и смерть супруга: проклятие Регины Мянник

In 23 years männik I first became a mom, and after 13 months, gave Sergei the second son. Now the actress is difficult to remember that their life together was a real tragedy.

A year before the first birth Regina was able to become a mother, but it caught up with missed abortion. The baby died in the womb, and that the actress faced a prolonged depression. “Seryozha told me that it is still going to be okay that he wants to have my babies. And when I soon learned that pregnant again, it was fear mixed with euphoria. The first months I was tormented by toxicosis, but I was so happy. Knew if I’m sick, so the baby is alive,” he told the star.

Gradually the relations of the spouses became strained, and once Regina found out that her husband is not faithful. A painful breakup did not affect their warm feelings to each other: männik’s still friends with Sergei, and it is to him turned to in difficult times.

Then, in 2015 the actress was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. A month and a half before her spouse George, brutally murdered. The circumstances of that case are still not disclosed until the end. The very same Regina that terrible period for themselves drew attention to the strange growths on the skin.

“I watched your show, Bor (refers to master “the destiny of man” Boris Korchevnikov — approx. ed.) and saw photos of people with cancer of the skin. Then thought I saw somewhere a similar spot. Then I realized that I had exactly the same. Threw the pictures of these points of her ex-husband, Sergei, he’s my doctor. He almost immediately called and said that you should immediately contact the clinic, but I didn’t want to. Past several weeks and I finally decided to go for a checkup. Then the doctors immediately said that the need to do surgery. I was immediately sent to the operating table. Only later did I learn that if tightened even a little bit, the terrible health consequences to avoid would not be able”, — shared memories männik.

After almost three years, Regina still difficult to think about the death of her second husband and all the trials that had befallen her at that time. According to the actress, she literally went crazy, wanting to understand who killed her lover, but finally refused further searches. “When I think of Hera, I think the mountain is trying again to kick the door and break into my head. Anyone who has faced similar tragedy will understand me: worry it to the end is impossible. Again and again I’m put in mind of a puzzle, explored the details of the murder, but abandoned its investigation. I will not return to it, because this is the world of men and money,” said männik.

“I didn’t recognize the man in the coffin”: Regina männik for the first time about her husband’s murder

The circumstances of the murder of George Novikov is still not revealed, but Regina was sure that sooner or later punishment will overtake the guilty man in her suffering. The actress thanked God that in that moment there gone mad from grief, and now has the opportunity to observe her grown-up children to build their lives.