The fight against cancer and the support of loved ones: how Hvorostovsky manages not to lose heart

Борьба с раком и поддержка близких: как Хворостовскому удается не падать духом Today, the famous baritone celebrates 55th anniversary. Now Dmitri Hvorostovsky is doing everything to defeat cancer. The musician is very loyal to the stage and the audience, and therefore seeks to get back to work.
Борьба с раком и поддержка близких: как Хворостовскому удается не падать духом

Today the world-famous Opera singer Dmitri Hvorostovsky celebrates anniversary – the famous musician turned 55. Glory to the artist came in the late 80’s. Graduated from the Krasnoyarsk pedagogical College and Krasnoyarsk Institute of arts, he became a soloist of the Opera and ballet theater of his hometown. However, his life has changed since participation in the International competition of Opera singers in Cardiff. The young artist impressed the jury with his voice, and they awarded him first place. Then professional noticed the best theatres around the world. He started performing on the stages of different cities across the globe.

In 1994, Dmitry moved to London. Now, however, fans Hvorostovsky worried about his health. In 2015 celebrity put a disappointing diagnosis – a brain tumor. Because of cancer he must be under constant supervision of doctors, so the artist makes adjustments to the tour schedule and forced to carry the speech. The singer is happy that his side is wife Florence, which supports it. Doom Dmitri Hvorostovsky: friends of the actor said about fell down on his misfortunes

“I said that in principle in my life made it, I did everything: planted trees and raised children, I had a great career. What else? And fuck all of you – that is all it was. And then, of course, I can’t. I need to live, not for yourself. As always, not for himself,” said Hvorostovsky in one of the TV interview.
Борьба с раком и поддержка близких: как Хворостовскому удается не падать духом

The couple grow up 14-year-old son Maxim and 10-year-old daughter Nina. Also Dmitry has children from his first wife Svetlana twins, Alexander and Daniel, and Maria that Opera singer was adopted. At the end of 2015, the former fiancee of actor died, but because he completely took care of the heirs. Ex-wife of Dmitri Hvorostovsky died from sepsis

The star of Opera appreciates everything I do for him the closest people. He noted that his wife feels when he becomes worse, because at such moments, no one bothers. However, as soon as Dmitry is improving, family members elevate mood. According to the artist, he tries to remain full of strength and energy with children.

Борьба с раком и поддержка близких: как Хворостовскому удается не падать духом

All family and friends hope for recovery of Hvorostovsky. They admire his courageous struggle with the disease and never cease to be amazed that the artist is looking for new ways to keep myself in good shape. “My oncologist looks at me like I’m a miracle”: Hvorostovsky openly about the struggle with the disease

“An hour a day always falls on the sport, said “StarHit” a friend of the family of singer Marie kirk. Runs, does pushups, squats. Recently tried the technique Peter Caldera from the book “eye of the Renaissance”. It’s gymnastics, consisting of five points: rotating around its axis with elongated shoulders along with your hands, lifting your head and feet in a prone position, bending and so on. All this should be done with full control of breathing and most importantly not to miss a day.”
Борьба с раком и поддержка близких: как Хворостовскому удается не падать духом

Despite the fact that Hvorostovsky is constantly under medical supervision, though sometimes he tries to delight fans with performances. In April of this year, the singer gave a concert with friends – Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov in the canadian city of Toronto. Dmitri arrived in the summer in his hometown of Krasnoyarsk. He felt obligated to sing in front of the countrymen, as from December have postponed the concert.

Dimitri always turns to the fans and regretted that he had to cancel scheduled performances.

“I have to follow orders of the doctor and focus on my recovery. I sincerely appreciate all the love and support given to me by my family, friends and fans,” said Hvorostovsky.

Today the President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated Dmitry, happy birthday and admire his talent.

“Bright and generous talent, an incredible capacity for work and boundless respect for his audience allow You to achieve performance skills, to gain fame as one of the outstanding baritones of the present, to earn the recognition and love of fans of musical art throughout the world. And of course, exceptional warmth and the good feelings to You are at Home, in Russia,” – said the head of state.