Жених Татьяны Овсиенко вынесли приговор Alexander Merkulov was again brought before the court. He was found guilty but released from the courtroom. He was credited the time he spent in prison. Now Tatiana Ovsienko and her lover can prepare for the wedding.

      Жених Татьяны Овсиенко вынесли приговор

      Fans of the popular 90-ies of the singer Tatyana Ovsienko with a sinking heart was waiting for the decision of the court in the matter of her lover. Alexander Merkulov accused of attempt at murder businessman Sergey Vasiliev. The sensational case of the brutal massacre of the entrepreneur was discussed by all country. Despite the fact that Merkulov had already served behind bars and was released, the Supreme court decided to cancel the decision and remand the case for further consideration.

      Today, Alexander once again appeared before the servants of Themis. Merkulov was found guilty, but the wife of the singer was released directly from the courtroom. The fact that it was considered the time that the civil husband of the singer has already spent in jail. In this case, the accomplices of Alexander, Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin) and Vyacheslav Drokov and Alexander Korpusov received long sentences of imprisonment as well as monetary payments as compensation.

      Now Tatiana Ovsiyenko and Alexander Merkulov can live the quiet life. Not so long ago, when the lovers expected the hearing, they spent vacation at sea. Moreover, since the businessman was acquitted of some charges that were filed earlier.

      “Merkulov was removed from the indictment direct indictment for murder, leaving only the organization of the assassination”, said a source close to the star reporters.

      Now the actress and her representatives can prepare for the wedding, which they announced a long time ago – two years ago. However, unforeseen circumstances delayed the happiest moment in a couple’s life. Tatiana admitted that they have no time to arrange a celebration.

      “We decided that in the spring we could get married again. But until it did – once! That son married, a grandchild was baptized. Sasha about my grandson joking: “Tanya, it’s scary to sleep with grandma!” I hope in the fall, my anniversary, we will sign for it. Dream of a beautiful wedding, on a white elegant dress,” – said the star of the ‘ 90s. Fans hope that now nothing will prevent lovers to realize the dream of marriage, and birthday Ovsienko in October, the civilian spouse will still be sent to the Registrar.

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