Жених Татьяны Овсиенко рискует вновь оказаться за решеткой The future husband of the singer could go to prison. Now Tatiana Ovsienko and her partner Alexander Merkulov bask on the coast, but in mid-August, the man will appear before the court.

      Жених Татьяны Овсиенко рискует вновь оказаться за решеткой

      It would seem that the troubles in the life of Tatiana Ovsienko left behind star three-year wait for a loved one from jail. Now the singer is preparing for her wedding with her beloved Alexander Merkulov. However, the man will have to appear before the court on charges of attempted murder. The businessman has served in prison, after which he was released. But the Supreme court overturned the acquittal and sent the case for retrial. According to investigators, Alexander was an accomplice in the crime. His address was delivered on new conviction.

      Now unknown, will be there at all wedding singer and businessman, and if that happens, where. Tatiana would not comment on the situation, but her representative in an interview with “StarHit” said that at the moment Ovsienko and Merkulov have a rest at sea coast. The future spouses enjoy each other’s company, and about what will happen next, they can not say.

      “Merkulov was removed from the indictment direct indictment for murder, leaving only the organization of the assassination. Given the definition of jury leniency will give him seven years, three of which he had already served. Half-life has the right to apply for PAROLE, said a source close to the star reporters. – Ovsiyenko, of course, is a tragedy. Tatiana really love. I think she will wait for him.”

      As it became known “Express newspaper”, the final verdict will be pronounced Merkulov on 18 August. Recall, Tatiana and Alexander, two years ago decided to become husband and wife. The lovers wanted to legalize their relationship, but still couldn’t find the time to arrange a celebration. Everyday worries and the family business forced the singer to postpone the wedding.

      The court acquitted the beloved Tatyana Ovsienko for the murder

      “We decided that in the spring we could get married again. But until it did – once! That son married, a grandchild was baptized. Sasha about my grandson joking: “Tanya, it’s scary to sleep with grandma!” I hope in the fall, my anniversary, we will sign for it. Dream of a beautiful wedding white dressy dress” – shared in may, plans about your wedding plans Ovsienko. It should be noted that before the birthday of the star there is still time Tatiana will celebrate the anniversary in October.

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