В ФБР заподозрили Ди Каприо в темных делишках

And called Oscar-winning actor for questioning!

Recently the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio was summoned for questioning by the FBI. The Desk staff tried to find a connection between the star of “the Aviator” and with the case of embezzlement of large funds in the Malaysian state Fund 1MDB. This is reported by Western media.

It is noteworthy that the interrogation of DiCaprio designated as the “Hollywood actor No. 1. Fortunately, the charges in the end of the interrogation, the actor was not charged, but caused him not to get an autograph.

The interest in the person of the actor from the FBI for a certain reason. Leo has long been friendly with Malaysian billionaire Joe Lowe and relative of Prime Minister Riza Aziz, who previously headed the management of the Fund, where money was stolen.

Besides, led by Aziz-Red Granite Pictures allegedly contributed $100 million to shoot the film “the Wolf of wall street” with the participation of Leonardo DiCaprio.

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