Отец «пьяного» мальчика устроил травлю Вострикова, который потерял в Кемерово всю семью Roman Shimko studied the biography of men. He learned a lot of information about the life of Igor Vostrikov and even called in the garden, where were his children. In the Network appeared the conviction appeal. A resident of Kemerovo quickly responded to this video.
Отец «пьяного» мальчика устроил травлю Вострикова, который потерял в Кемерово всю семью

Igor Vostrikov lost in the fire, which occurred in the shopping center “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo, three children, wife and sister. Then he became one of the active participants of the rally against the local authorities. Now he has his own YouTube channel, on which a man regularly puts videos of. In most videos it picks up relevant topics, and share information about the investigation of the tragedy…

Last year a lot of fuss about road accident with participation of Olga Alisovoy in Balashikha. The accident killed sectility boy Alex Shimko. His death has crippled the parents. The child’s father Roman Shimko repeatedly told, suffering after bereavement. For a long time in the media discussed whether the kid drunk when he was hit by a car?

Recently my father was “drunk” the boy inquired about Igor Vostrikov. He called it a vlog “PR on the blood”.

Отец «пьяного» мальчика устроил травлю Вострикова, который потерял в Кемерово всю семью“I appeal to it… You lost in the fire the whole family, and continue to chipout, PR on death. You each YouTube. Advertise your Instagram. I was outraged by the video when you came out of the Investigative Committee, where he saw the burnt clothes of the children. You did not utter a single tear. When I was six months saw the clothes of your child in court, I became hysterical, I was shaking, trembling hands. You once had a bad reaction. You lost your family, you need to grieve, to hysteria, and you’re going to the mother, which is also not crying. Vostrikov, it’s not normal. Instagram… you already took the ring off. You’re a normal kid? This is wrong. When are we gonna see you, I will take some steps. I will come to Kemerovo. Although this HYIP you, most likely, he will arrive in Moscow, here we you will see them for sure. On your arrival I find out from another video, our Emperor… I’ll pass the greetings on behalf of all the parents who have lost children to behave in this situation, grieve, and start to grieve… I really want to see you, Mr. Vostrikov,” – said in a video that circulated on the Network.
Отец «пьяного» мальчика устроил травлю Вострикова, который потерял в Кемерово всю семью

Later, the novel spoke to reporters, telling them that inquired about Vostrikov, called to kindergarten, went to his children.

“I called the Manager. She was a kind woman. I am sorry that the news is not looking Internet looks. But Igor Vostrikov know as a good family man who does not drink, does not smoke, goes in for sports. And then recovered, that she never personally saw. I hate that I called and inquired. But then it was in a bad mood. I also think it would be wiser if he will give the money to an orphanage or cure of any child,” said Shimko.

Seeing interviews of a resident of Moscow, Igor wrote to him reciprocal treatment. He is outraged not only by the behavior of the Novel, but the article journalists. Vostrikov offers Shimko to meet. Igor has denied the information that he has not lived with the family. Also the man did not take off the symbol of marriage.

“About the ring – it is a mirror of the camera. I didn’t make it… About kindergarten… In our family I earn the money, specially bought his wife a car so she took the kids. Or we came together, I was driving, the wife went to pick up the kids. Yes, educators in the face I do not know,” said Vostrikov.

As told Shimko journalists “MK”, he wants Igor checked professionals. “Vostrikov at the camera and smiling, his mother-in-law smiling… Let psychologists explain the behavior. In any case, I will repent to him for your rude words, I apologize. But while told how to think”, – says Roman.

Shimko said earlier that the death of his son affected his health. In the last TV show with his participation it was revealed that he began abusing alcohol. He did not deny this information. Father’s “drunken boy” accused of addiction to alcohol after the tragedy

After the loss of a loved inhabitant of the Kemerovo started his public activities. “My name is Igor Vostrikov. 25.03.2018 year I lost in the fire in the “Winter Cherry” to the whole family. I was a happy person: lovely woman, three healthy good children, not big business, two old car and big plans for the future… As you know I have been running the public movement “the Great Empire”. It aims to improve the standard of living of Russians and their security, we need to unite all citizens regardless of their religious, political or other views on life. All those who are not satisfied with the situation in the country”, announced Igor.

He recently announced the intention to create a film under the same name. For this, he asks followers to send him videos on the topic of “Modern methods of social control of the type Russia, where the people doing the cattle.” It is concerned with the availability of drugs and alcohol, the propaganda, the fake accounts in social networks. He is full of energy and seeks to change reality.