The father of Viktor Drobysh refused to leave Russia

Отец Виктора Дробыша отказался покидать Россию Yakov Yakovlevich broke a green card. Once the mother of Viktor Drobysh wanted to move to the United States. However the spouse refused to do that, although only one got the opportunity. After a time, the woman still found a way to settle in Chicago.
Отец Виктора Дробыша отказался покидать Россию

The famous composer Victor Drobysh was born in Saint-Petersburg. At some point his mother decided to move to the United States. She filled out a lottery green card for all family members. However, my father flatly refused to leave Russia. Ironically, he was lucky. But the man was adamant – after he got the permission to stay abroad, he pointedly rejected the idea of moving.

“Tears and says: “Phew, I your America,” recalled Victor Y. father’s words.
Отец Виктора Дробыша отказался покидать Россию

Subsequently, the mother Drobysh still nasal way to move. She now lives in Chicago. In order to see her son, she interrupted a vacation in Miami and flew to Moscow to come to Andrey Malakhov, in the Studio of the program “Hello, Andrew” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

The famous composer’m glad the parents gave him a good education. In his memoirs, my dad was very strict. Victor Yakovlevich has a different opinion – their younger children, Lily and Daniel, he spoils.

Отец Виктора Дробыша отказался покидать Россию

From second wife Tatiana composer lived here for 10 years. He never tires of constantly confess my love to her. Despite the idyll, the couple holds different views on the upbringing of the heirs – my mother tries to keep them in severity, and dad allows much more.

Seven year old Lily is doing ballet and learning to play the piano. But music lessons do not bring the girl joy. In the program a video was shown where the daughter of the Drobysh crying during the lesson. Viktor Yakovlevich admitted that he is not forcing her daughter to have. In his opinion, the children should decide for themselves what they like and what not. However, the mother insists that the heirs had an idea of the scope of work of the father.

“I believe that children should be spoiled, then they will all become true outlaws. However, Tanya has a different opinion on this. Children fully loaded – ballet, school, Danya plays tennis, Denikina heart belongs to fishing”, – said Viktor Yanukovych.
Отец Виктора Дробыша отказался покидать Россию

Tatyana also sang, but only within the framework of a musical gift for the anniversary husband. When she did the video, he got a neck injury, inadvertently falling into the process of preparing the surprise.