Отец погибшего Алеши Шимко озвучил результаты новой экспертизы In the case of the “drunken” boy, there were new details. For several months the society discussed the matter six year old boy who was hit by a car in the yard. In his blood was discovered a huge amount of alcohol.
Отец погибшего Алеши Шимко озвучил результаты новой экспертизы

On April 23 in the evening killed six-year-old Alex Shimko. He was hit by a car, at the wheel which there was Olga beneficial. The result of the investigation, roused the whole community – the examination showed that the baby was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. The boy’s blood was found dose in the amount of 2.7 ppm. According to experts, these figures are too high – otherwise, Alyosha had to drink at least a bottle of vodka.

The Studio program “Let them talk” came the child’s father Roman Shimko. In one of the previous shows, he talked about what appealed to Germany to conduct the examination. Today he told about the results.

“For a few moments before the funeral, the grandmother cut the hair of a child. We didn’t know that they will be useful. This hair went to Germany, it showed zero alcohol, acetaldehyde zero diseases, zero – no diabetes, no other kinds of diseases the child was not” – said the father of the boy in the program.
Отец погибшего Алеши Шимко озвучил результаты новой экспертизы

The man said that he received an offer from a German hospital, which the experts could not believe alcohol baby. They contacted the Novel and offered to help. Being from Erken Imanbaev said that the hair you can determine what used people.

Guests of the program “Let them talk” trying to convince Roman to exhume the body. They hope that this can help to put an end to the matter. However, the man against to disturb the child’s body.

“I hope that we can do this without exhumation,” – said Shimko.
Отец погибшего Алеши Шимко озвучил результаты новой экспертизы

Olga beneficial is now in jail where he will stay until September 15. She did not comply with recognizance not to leave and missed the meeting with the investigator. The court arrested the accused in the case of an accident with “drunk” boy

Lawyer Roman Shimko Alexey Kashirsky said that the examination, which was conducted in Germany, may not be the end result. In his opinion, it may give grounds for the preliminary investigation in the case of falsification and false testimony.

“In my opinion, the idea that he was drunk or he fell from his own height, she has invested. Initially it was recognized that there was a strike, and then hitting, she several times repeated. On the day of the event and the next. And after two weeks said that didn’t see anything, and the only obstacle in the movement,” suggested the man.