The father of Miley Cyrus is ready to hold her wedding ceremony

Отец Майли Сайрус готов провести ее свадебную церемонию

The return of Miley Cyrus to her former lover Liam Hemsworth, apparently, her parents think the most true and truly important event. Some fans point out that perhaps a relative of the singer have high hopes for this relationship, they believe that Miley will return to his former way of life, will not become so outspoken in public, will be more reserved and modest.

Despite the fact that his plans with the press Miley and Liam share, close to a pair of informants insist that the wedding couple will be held in the near future. And as said about the ceremony on the territory of “States” and the home of the Hemsworth in Australia.

Wherever it was organized celebration, people, ready to lead him anywhere the couple already has.

Father Billy ray Cyrus said that at the wedding of his daughter, he is ready to assume the duties of the priest: “Miley, We have always adhered to one principle: “If you’re not happy, something is wrong.” I still call them kids, now, these two kids happy. And that’s all that matters. If one of my children decides to get married, whatever it was, I’ll be there. And no matter what role I take in the ceremony. Want me played the role of a Butler perfectly. Anything. But I would make a great priest.”


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