Отец Меган Маркл: «Дочь несчастлива в браке с принцем» The father of Meghan Markle gave a scandalous interview. The man is sure that his daughter looks intimidated next to Prince Harry. He believes that the former actress too sacrificed many things to become part of the Royal family.
Отец Меган Маркл: «Дочь несчастлива в браке с принцем»

It seems that Meghan Markle was incredibly lucky: the 36-year-old divorced actress was able to win Prince Harry. On may 19, she married a member of the English Royal family and received the title of Duchess of Sussex. However, the father of the star of the series “Force majeure” is sure that his daughter’s life is not as rosy as it might seem from the outside.

According to Thomas Markle, his successor is very unhappy in her marriage.

“In her eyes and the smile I see that she’s scared. I’ve watched over the years as she smiles. And I don’t like the way it looks now. It’s not even on duty smile, that pained smile. Maybe she just had a few difficult days. But I’m worried. I think it pushed her too hard. She had to pay a high price to marry a Prince and be part of this family,” said the man.
Отец Меган Маркл: «Дочь несчастлива в браке с принцем»

However, fans are not sure that the words of Thomas Markle can you believe. The fact that now he does not communicate with the famous daughter. The Royal family is so unhappy with the revelations of men that Megan has decided to break any relations.

After the wedding, Meghan Markle ceased to communicate with his father

Recall that Thomas was not the Grand daughter’s wedding. Then the darling Prince Harry told me that her father was ill and could not attend the celebration on the prescriptions of doctors. However, now that details of the family conflict came to light, fans came to the conclusion that Megan was afraid to call the Pope on the occasion.

Himself Thomas Markle incredibly upset because of a quarrel with her daughter. He hoped that they could reconcile and once again become close friends.

“I don’t care that she’s mad at me. I just want to see her. Want to have a normal relationship. I cared for my mother the last five years of her life. My daughter said that would take care of me in recent years. I’m not talking about money — I’m talking about taking care. For me it’s important,” said Thomas.

Walked man and new style daughter. Officially becoming a member of the Royal family, Megan began to increasingly appear in public in a modest and subtle outfits. However, according to her father, such conservatism is not absolutely the former TV star. “Why in 2018 to dress like it’s 1930? I don’t understand why need to lock the knees and to choose such strict dress,” said Thomas.

Apparently, reconciliation in the family Markle is impossible. The fact that informed insiders close to the British throne, has said that the Duchess of Sussex will go to a rapprochement with his father only if he stopped giving an interview and to discuss personal details of your daughter’s life. However, the Pope Megan obviously likes the media attention.

Communicating with The Sun, Thomas Markle noted that the Royal family lives according to outdated rules. According to the father of Megan, the newly minted relatives shunned him because of the fact that the man got some profit from communicating with the press. However, he is not ready to abandon the meetings with her daughter, and will therefore look for ways to make up with her.