Отец Меган Маркл дает советы королевской семье

The father of Meghan Markle Thomas doesn’t learn from their mistakes and neglect communicating with her daughter, continuing to make comments at the expense of the Royal family. Only a week ago Thomas promised that more would not give interviews to journalists and will refuse to notoriety, but it turns out it’s not easy for a father to Megan. This time Thomas went ahead and decided to give advice to the Royal family about how to behave in order to get closer to the public.

Отец Меган Маркл дает советы королевской семье

Thomas believes that the main mistake of the Royal family is the closeness. He believes that those should be modern and to be open to criticism. “They are like the followers of the cult of Scientology or the Stepford wives. When they hear someone have something about them says they just lock the doors, lower the shades and plug your ears to not hear anything. And they have to say!” — Thomas said Markle in an interview with The Sun.

Kensington Palace continues to remain silent and gives no comments about the father said Markle. However, couldn’t keep a former bodyguard of Princess Diana retired Metropolitan police inspector Ken wharfe. In an interview with Yahoo News, he said that Prince Harry is solely responsible for the fiasco of Thomas Markle. “Thomas Markle is not so strange guy. He himself had gone through the mill and knows what the intrusion of the press. He knows how to hide from them, but does not. Because no one cared for him, and reporters feel it money. Harry was in the forces, something to do with it. Perhaps he even asked Palace officials, but to insist on his own could not. Otherwise all this wouldn’t have happened,” says Ken.

A retired inspector of the Metropolitan police, despite repeated statements Markle, feels sympathy for him. “I don’t think we should ignore him just because he made mistakes and behaved like an Ogre. His behavior is the result of bad advice or no advice as such.”

Recall that Megan has to avoid contact with their relatives, because now she is the Royal person, the rules of which about my personal life not apply. Says a source, Megan can’t trust the father, and therefore does not communicate with him.

The Sun newspaper spoke with the father of Megan, Thomas, who, incidentally, is not so opposed. He said that he could not get through to Megan and she with him not talking. Thomas believes that his daughter provided a lot of pressure, so she feels fear. According to a source close to Megan, she just can’t communicate with his father, don’t trust him. “Megan was forced to interrupt communication with his father, and it pains her. She’s sad, she doesn’t trust his father and worried about what he might do. The situation is disappointing Megan. She had no idea that joining the Royal family was forced to suffer her own,” admitted an insider.

Without a father Megan hard and she is very bored, so trying to find ways to build a normal relationship.

But Sharon Osbourne said that the father of Megan’s alcohol addiction. The wife of Ozzy Osbourne and TV presenter in his talk show The Talk on CBS said that Thomas’s evident problems with alcohol, and before require a connection with Megan, he needs to sober up!