Отец Линдсей Лохан угрожает ее российскому жениху расправой

It seemed that American actress Lindsay Lohan has found her happiness and finally waited for the moment when it may cease to be a kind of outcast of society, to return to a normal life. But it did not happen, as all hoped.

Russian beloved Western stars appeared with a complicated character, and allowed, according to Lindsay, the excess, in particular to change it and even try to kill him.

Learning about what is happening in my daughter’s life, father Lohan rushed to defend her.

56-year-old Michael, whom she does not support a perfect relationship father-daughter, and threatened the Russian groom, promising in case of emergency to get it out of the ground.

“You touched my daughter, hurt her. Now you’ll have to deal with me, I’ll get you out of the ground!” — addressed Michael Lohan to son of a Russian billionaire.

Recall the change of Yegor Tarabarova Lindsay said the other day in Instagram. Like, the guy, in her absence, cheated on her with “Russian prostitute”. Because his words the actress can not confirm, she was in court may have to answer for his words, because the mother of the girl Lindsay thinks the other woman, is going to file it in court.

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