Отец Линдси Лохан считает Егора Тарабасова «куском мусора»

Michael Lohan, father of the infamous Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan was shocked to see a video of the fight his daughter with her Russian fiancé Egor Tarasovym, which they did for a few weeks to break the engagement. Without choosing his words carefully, Michael was named for a former lover Lindsey “coward” and “piece of garbage”.

After the video of the fight spread around the world, Mr. Logan wanted to meet Greg, but he never found time for this.
“I wanted to see him eye to eye, but he never found this a minute. I would have asked him if he could hit me as hit Lindsay. I would give this coward back, did to him what he did to my daughter. But he is not a man, he is just a stupid boy, and not worth for him to go to jail,” Michael said about the 23-year-old Yegor.
According to Michael, Lindsay rightly beginning to check the phone her fiancé, who, no doubt, played around on the side.
Recall that after the fight, July 5, the cause of which was jealousy Lindsay, Yegor did not come home after the night club. Lohan was sure that he cheated on her with “Russian prostitute”, as stated on his page in Instagram. In addition, the actress stated that she is pregnant. Father Lindsay sure that’s true, but her mother is confident that such statements, she only wanted to annoy Greg.
On a question of journalists, how Lindsay feels now, Michael said, “She’s not upset, she’s all right.”

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