The father of George Clooney shared, as reflected in his son marriage

Отец Джорджа Клуни поделился, как отразилась на его сыне женитьба
At the beginning of this month has information about what George and Amal Clooney became happy parents of twins.

Отец Джорджа Клуни поделился, как отразилась на его сыне женитьба

Yet young parents are enjoying a new role in my life and don’t answer questions of journalists.

The other day George’s dad Nick Clooney decided to talk about the changes in his son after meeting with Amal.

“Nina opened the door when I came Amal. She introduced herself and talked nicely with us. From that moment it became clear that before us is a charming and kind woman. By the end of dinner I told Nina, pointing to George: “this young man has a problem”. I think towards the end of his first meeting with Amal, the fate of both was sealed. Amal was lovely, and George is great with her.

I watched her son and his girlfriends from the time when he was 13 years old. The relationship with Amal is different from all that has been in his life before her. This young woman almost immediately began to mean a lot to him. Just amazing!” — said Nick Clooney.

It is commendable that the actor being no longer young, was able to build a happy family and become the father of beautiful children.

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