Отец Эдгарда Запашного спас его мать от потери зрения The representative of the famous circus dynasty remembered major surgery mother. Walter Zapashny was a very demanding person, but for the sake of loved was willing to go to great lengths.
Отец Эдгарда Запашного спас его мать от потери зрения

Edgard Zapashny was born in the family of the famous trainers. His father Walter, who died in 2007, was the first who brought the circus at the same time 38 predators. The artist always had a lot of ideas, but some of them he was not able to implement in the course of life, as it did not believe the authorities. This caused discontent of the trainer, as he was not afraid to speak in interviews.

“A fan recently sent a video of the 90th years, where the father talks about his dream that all his life he wanted the Soviet Union to build the aquarium. More than 30 years to get. His idea did not take seriously. Then he applied for rides with different animals, which do not contact with each other. But officials refused, because they were afraid of the tragic outcomes that could happen. Dad still managed to believe in it. It began to basis famous trainer Adair. The father of all demanded honesty, fairness, hard about the quality of work was very self-critical, he always something was missing, he knew what to strive for. Even while few people currently allowed, especially from artists who openly give an interview against the government,” recalls Zapashny.

Sometimes Walter Zapashny was too harsh. According to the son of the trainer, his parents had a conflict with his brother that lasted several years. “You know, I caught the time when dad and my uncle Mstislav Mikhailovich spoke. Despite the fact that they avoided each other for several decades, between them was not direct competition and criticism. If you have ever had grief from someone from the family, they immediately resorted to each other for help”, says Edgard.

The father of the brothers Zapashny was willing to go to great lengths for family. Once the wife of Walter Tatyana was an accident. If not for his resourcefulness, his wife could lose her vision.

“One day my mother herself from the pistol charged with blank cartridge, shot in the face. She received severe burns, was even the threat of losing the eye. The Pope said that there is one doctor who can help to carry out the operation, but he was disabled – does not go. Then the father went at night to him, persuaded, paid the money and on their hands brought to the operating room. So he saved our mother,” said Edgard.

Askold and Edgard are not afraid to enter the circus arena with the tigers and even stick your head in the jaws of predators. “My relatives are renowned for their resilience of spirit and desire to win. And perhaps, this courage is inherited. Zapashnye is not only a brand, but also the professionalism and love for the circus arts,” said Director of the Great Moscow Circus in an interview with “Interlocutor”.