The father of Britney Spears live at her expense

Отец Бритни Спирс живет за ее счет

Britney Spears became a party to two lawsuits, one of which she is a defendant in the other – the plaintiff.

A lawsuit against the singer was filed by her former assistant-Manager Sam Lutfi for Britney that he was allegedly not paid for its work. In turn, the Spears accused man in that in particularly difficult times for her he got her hooked on drugs.

Recently held its first meeting on this case, where the singer testified. With her in the courtroom was attended by her father Jamie Spears and lawyer Andrew M. Wallet. The presence of men was a necessity, because, as it turned out, for all actions of his daughter Mr Spears is still responsible. He is the man who makes important decisions in her life, whether personal or financial matters.

In turn Britney, in return for the services of the father, provide him a comfortable existence. Britney’s father is paying about 130 thousand dollars in year, and also pays rent for his office and other incidental expenses.

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