The father of Beyonce congratulated the daughter on the birth of your children

Отец Бейонсе поздравил дочь с рождением детей

We assume that this is the first official confirmation of having children Beyonce and Jay-Z at the light. The singer’s father Matthew Knowles has congratulated daughter and son-in-law with the addition to the family.
“They’re here!” — wrote 65-year-old woman in the picture with the image of balloons. Father beyoncé posted this picture last night, and this despite the fact that his famous daughter gave birth last Monday. Probably family, enjoyed the kids a secret from everyone, or else the father of the actress said later.

Not all subscribers like what Matthew said about the birth of the baby earlier than the official representative of beyoncé, but in the end, like a happy grandfather, Mr. Knowles has the right to publicly celebrate the birth of our grandchildren.
Recall that the singer and her kids (according to preliminary information we are talking about the son and daughter) are still under medical observation because they had “some minor issues”, and experts do not dare send them home, not sure that they’ll be OK.