The father of Angelina Jolie spoke out against daughters in conflict with pitt

Отец Анджелины Джоли выступил против дочери в конфликте с  Питтом
The actress did not expect such “cunning”.

Отец Анджелины Джоли выступил против дочери в конфликте с  Питтом

Jon Voight

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie

Photo: legion-media

Jon Voight, father of Angelina Jolie, intervened in the conflict and her divorce with brad pitt. The husband of the actress, wanting to re-establish relations with his wife, turned to Voight for advice. But John, to the surprise of brad, praised the behavior of his daughter not as expected pitt. About what happened, wrote reporter Us Weekly, who learned the details from one of her friends Jolie.

First pitt, which grieved the collapse of family life and
separation from the children, tried to flatter Voight, telling how he, the husband, appreciates “passionate
and the impulsive character of Angelina”. But John’s answer is directly stated to brad, saying, my daughter is normal “madcap”, the same as her mother! Pitt from
surprise speechless and rushed to end the meeting.

After learning about the conversation Voight brad, Jolie was furious. Angelina’s relationship with his father has always been very
complex. He left his wife, Marceline Bertrand,
when Jolie was a baby, and subsequently rarely found
time to chat with my daughter. When she grew up, John tried
to improve relations, but Angelina was never able to forgive him. She blamed him for the early death of his mother, who was unable to come to terms with the crash
family and died of cancer in 2007.

Now that Voight allowed himself to speak disrespectfully not only on angelina but also on her beloved
mom, the star was furious.

So the conversation with the father, pitt the benefit did not go. Now Angelina has suspected him of trying to gain in the face of Voight’s ally in the upcoming “battle for the children.”And it is certainly not increases the chances
Brad to persuade her to making a joint custody of all their “children” — Maddox,
Paxom by Tien, Saharai, Shiloh and twins Vivienne and Knox…