Отец Анджелины Джоли заявил, что его дочь готова к новым отношениям

Although it is not always a good relationship of Angelina Jolie with her father Jon Voight, the parent is still aware of your child’s life and is even ready to communicate with the press on this subject, if only journalists didn’t touch Jolie directly.

The divorce process of Brangelina continues and takes the actress all forces. As earlier wrote mass media, Jolie has lost 35 pounds. But in addition to physical exhaustion, she was exhausted and morally, which affected her communication with relatives. Angelina often frustrated, was not himself.

Now, says the mayor, the situation is again normal. His daughter handled the situation and now feels much better.

According to John, Jolie is in good spirits and even ready to date if she will meet a decent man: “Angelina is now doing well — she looks much better than before. Not sure, but probably she is ready to date again. Christmas holidays we are going to spend with the children and Angelina that can not but rejoice”.

Note that Dating the actress at this stage is unlikely to dare, because it is unknown how the new man can respond, for which she is so desperately struggling with pitt.

By the way, close to the Angie informant told the days press that Jolie was very surprised by the fact that her husband was so adamant in my desire to participate in the education of their children.