The father of Andrei Krasko explained why not blame doctors for his death

Отец Андрея Краско объяснил, почему не винил врачей в его гибели On Thursday, a close relative of Ivan Ivanovich could celebrate the anniversary, however, the life of stars of cinema and TV series ended over a decade ago. Andrei Krasko died on the set of new film. Years after the tragic events of people’s artist of the Russian Federation commemorated the heir.
Отец Андрея Краско объяснил, почему не винил врачей в его гибели

10 Aug actor Andrei Krasko would have turned 60 years old. However, the man’s life was suddenly cut short in July 2006. The artist, who suffered from asthma, died of heart failure in the film by Sergei Ursulyak “Liquidation” in the Odessa region. Reporters contacted the father of the stars Ivan Krasko, who shared his memories about his son.

During the conversation with the correspondent the parent of the actor did not hide the fact that he was suffering from problems with alcohol. “Will he have enough”, – said Ivan Ivanovich. Andrey Krasko is often said that addiction he got from his brother and father. A relative of a celebrity would do anything to get alcohol. “And this similarity is not Andrew painted”, – said people’s artist of the Russian Federation.

Due to the abuse of alcohol Andrei Krasko had difficulties at work. When the man was not offered the role, he earned a living some other way. In his youth, the artist has learned the basics of carpentry skill and then learned to sew.

“Then Andrew at the cemetery tombstones were cast from cement, carrying do… What only did not earn. Importantly, during this time, he’s not bitter and blame no one believed”, – said father Andrew.
Отец Андрея Краско объяснил, почему не винил врачей в его гибели

Friends of deceased actor sometimes pulled him out of the ICU and called Ivan Ivanovich. “Take you your son?” – said the man mates his heir. Relatives of Andrei Krasko was trying to help him overcome the addiction, but their efforts were not crowned with success. Conversation with the artist to anything do not lead.

The last time Ivan Krasko saw my son at the film festival in Moscow – a week before his departure to Odessa. Andrew was in a good mood and telling dad jokes. Nothing boded trouble. Then the parent star even could not think that you will never be able to communicate with him.

After the death of his actor colleagues suggested Ivan to bring a case against doctors who couldn’t save Andrew. But he refused to do it.

“Let’s be honest. Andrew himself is prepared to care. And all of his friends with whom he drank, and which drove him to the intensive care unit knew about it,” explained Krasko.

Several years after the tragic event, Ivan says that often remembers her son and continues to mentally communicate with him. “I have the feeling that he was there”, – quotes the famous artist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.