The fate of Ravshan Kursovoy fortune teller predicted the

Судьбу Равшаны Курковой предсказала гадалка Familiar published past actress. November 23, the rental starts on the Comedy “Kids for hire” where he played a major role. Classmates remembered what the celebrity was in school.
Судьбу Равшаны Курковой предсказала гадалка

The actress recently married colleague Stanislav Rumyantsev. While he did not become a mother, but already tried on this role in the Comedy “Kids for hire” which is set for release on November 23. For the ability to transform into various characters Kurkova grateful to school, because she was the main star on all the skits. Classmates said the “StarHit” why the future celebrity was lying to friend and like skipped lessons on shooting.

Flight of fancy

“We Ravchenko studied at Tashkent school of music assumption, together get to it by trolley – says Oksana Tkachenko. On the occasion of the “Primer” she came in a blue sundress instead of a black shape, with a huge white bow. Guys and stuck – everyone wanted to talk to her, and it was mutual. Then, in 1987, we went to the line under Tchaikovsky’s First piano Concerto, after every first-grader handed, drawing with a random letter from the alphabet. Ravshan was very lucky – got “P”. Then these images were up on the stage and recited poems and sang songs. At the end of the performances everyone gave!

The school was the emphasis on musical subjects. So the lessons jobs could disappear for days on end, has honed the skill of playing the piano. And after school loved to walk. We Ravchenko lived nearby. Wait for the call, and headlong rush to the street! On the way home a friend told me some interesting stories.

For example, about new inventions or how to dress fashionably. She excitedly shared the information found in books, magazines, Newspapers. Sometimes, says says, and then abruptly shut up. Will wait time and laugh: “oksanka I imagined!” She came up with a believable and colorful. Even an adult wouldn’t know fiction from truth.”
Судьбу Равшаны Курковой предсказала гадалка

Kurkova only studied on four and five. And this was already time to act. “She made her debut in cinema in 12 years – continues Oksana. – Played in the film “the Secret of the ferns”. For the premiere of Ravshana invited almost the entire class. But I did not succeed: on the street suddenly became dark, and the parents were not released. I was very upset. But a friend reassured me, invited me and showed a film on the VCR. I often stayed with her, especially on vacation. Loved to play together. She then was rare Barbie doll. We arranged with them shopping, cooking, choosing outfits. When I grew up, the boys didn’t think. But still watching him. Both then were thin, and Ravshan high!”

In high school Kurkova moved to another school, and they with Oksana stopped to chat. Tkachenko still has the autograph moms Ravshan – Before Kabaevoy known in Uzbeksitan actress and filmmaker.

Судьбу Равшаны Курковой предсказала гадалка

At the forefront

New girl quickly became a star here. “We studied together for two years before graduation, says “StarHit” Diana, a classmate of the actress. Teachers always praised her for her grades and more frequently than others, set the highest score. It seemed that she never tired, and after all loads have been very large. But Kurkova with optimism suited to any business. And managed not only the first hand in the classroom to raise, but in the Amateur to participate.

Once I said to her: “You just become a celebrity!” And she smiled and said, “Oh, I still say a child!” It turns out that the neighbor on the porch, a local fortune-teller once looked on her hand and promised He: “See, you have many colors and fans!” And, apparently, not deceived! All came to pass!”
Судьбу Равшаны Курковой предсказала гадалка