Дом моды Dior празднует 73 года своей деятельности: как строилась великая fashion индустрия

Дом моды Dior празднует 73 года своей деятельности: как строилась великая fashion индустрия

Yesterday, December 16, the House of Dior celebrated its 73 years. This is a great time for the company, which is gaining momentum every day, and a popular brand around the world. In honor of this event we decided to tell you how to build the company year after year.

At the age of 14 years, Christian Dior stumbled upon a Gypsy who predicted him a great future. At that point the young boy laughed when he heard the following words: “the Luck you will bring women and thanks to them you will become a very wealthy man.” And these words came true some time later.

Christian himself created his Empire. In the initial stages helped him famous businessman Marcel Boussac. The man noticed Christian’s talent and thirst to work, therefore, became his first investor. He rented a building on Avenue Montaigne and helped to equip the workshop.

The first collection, the boy was released in 1947. At that time the people were so overwhelmed with the consequences of the war that I didn’t see anything good around. However, the collection of Christian was a delight, and so he has glorified his name. His first line of clothing was exclusively for women: gorgeous dresses, skirts and all this is made exclusively from expensive beautiful fabrics. At that moment, he was able to remind women how they can be beautiful.

Following this success, Dior remembered the prophecy of the Gypsy woman found her and shared her impressions. He even admitted that from this point on will do nothing without the consent of the Madam.

The next 10 years, Christian has set the fashion world. It began to be considered the master, and the motto of his Home of fashion was: “Treat the dresses as living beings and not to turn their business in another production stamping mass product”. After a short time his company had over 2000 employees.

Unfortunately, at the age of 53 years, Christian Dior has left this world. He died in Italy of a heart attack. Its great the company was left without the main leader, and then all the professionals predicted the House of Dior, bankruptcy and complete destruction. However, to save the Empire was Christian able assistants, among whom were none other than Yves Saint Laurent.

At that time Laurent was only 21, but he was so in love with his job that first collection, which was released after the death of the Christian, aroused great interest among all participants. I’ve worked in the fashion House Dior to until his next clothing line was not a failure. After this disgrace he left his workplace.

To continue the work of Christian decided John Galliano, he is still the chief creative officer of Empire. The company is experiencing a period of prosperity. The number of employees exceeds 76000 employees, and annual turnover more than 20 billion euros.

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