The fans want Quentin Tarantino filmed a sequel to “Deadpool”

Киноманы хотят, чтобы Квентин Тарантино снял сиквел «Дэдпула»

One of the most successful and commercially viable, the Prime Minister of this year’s blockbuster “Deadpool” will soon get a sequel.

Work on the sequel to this film adaptation of a comic now in full swing. Recently it became known that the Director who shot the first film, Tim Miller left the team. The reason for this decision of filmmaker disagreement starring Ryan Reynolds. By the way, Ryan is also the producer of the project.

Now formed the question: who will be shooting the sequel to “Deadpool”?

The team is still sorting out the names, and the fans have already decided who they want to see in the Director’s chair. According to many fans of the movie, “Deadpool” in particular, no one better than Quentin Tarantino, this task can not cope.

A petition about what Quentin should stand at the helm of the fans have already sent Reynolds.

The arguments are very simple: Tarantino’s movies are renowned for elegant dialogue, memorable images and unforgettable scenes of violence. The ideal formula for “Deadpool 2”.

Will accept Reynolds the proposal-the requirement seriously, time will tell. Note that if Quentin would agree to remove the second “Deadpool”, it will be for him a new experience. Earlier filmmaker were taken mostly for crime dramas, comedies, action films, westerns, but never for blockbusters and comic book movies.