The fans have not know fat Gerard Butler

Фанаты не узнали растолстевшего  Джерарда Батлера
Fans of the stars of “300” cruelly disappointed.

Фанаты не узнали растолстевшего  Джерарда Батлера

Gerard Butler


Gerard Butler

Appeared recently in the Network the first images from the set of the new
the movie “the Caretakers” has led to the horror of fans of the 47-year-old actor Gerard Butler. They
I didn’t recognize his incredibly fat idol! These photos appeared
on the website

New pictures have produced such a strong effect because
many remember Gerard as he looked when he starred in
the movie “300” — he could then quite serve as a model for statues
depicting an ancient Greek or Roman athlete. Of course, since then, flew
for more than 10 years, but until recently, Butler has maintained,if not ideal,
quite athletic figure. But the footage of the “Keepers” before
fans of the actor appeared fat, overgrown beard almost to his eyes… Though, of course,
there is a possibility that what looked like the actor – just the result
of the work of talented makeup artists and costumers. Like it or not, will become clear

As for
the actual movie, which is currently shooting actor, something about it is not yet known
too much. Its Director was 67-year-old Dane Kristoffer Nyholm. The plot of this film is based
on real events. It is a screen version of the mysterious history
happened at the beginning of the 20th century with three keepers of the lighthouse
on a tiny island 20 kilometres from the coast of Scotland. Then employees
lighthouse, arrived to replace their colleagues after a three-week watch, found
all three of the Rangers inexplicably disappeared. They never were found
never – neither alive nor dead…