Фанаты не узнали постройневшую Екатерину Стриженову
TV presenter at the time refused to elegant dresses.

Catherine Strizhenova

Photo: @Instagram strizhenovae Catherine Strizhenovoj

Ekaterina Strizhenova returning from a holiday in Italy, it seems, really missed home. The presenter for the second weekend in a row spends “quiet hunting”, rejoicing in the indescribable beauty of Russian nature. And if at first she boasted only found mushrooms, but decided to demonstrate its postroynevshaya figure, which worked hard all summer. However, as it turned out, dressed for Hiking through the woods, albeit tight, to know Catherine could not all fans. Because Strizhenova usually prefers elegant dresses and heels. Challenges to the “identification” was created not only suit, but the cap placed over the head of Kim. “Do not know! Just gorgeous! Graceful beauty with a crop of mushrooms!” commented on the fans.

In Sardinia, Catherine was resting in the company of her husband Alexander and youngest daughter Sasha. Shortly before the end of the holiday Alexander “escaped” from his parents in Greece with her boyfriend. The lovers spent a few days there and returned to Moscow to the beginning of the school year. Sasha is going to have to go through school for another two years, and her boyfriend went to first year University. Apparently, the star’s parents fully approve of the choice of the younger daughter.